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    My name is Bob...I'm retired Air Force and an 80% diasbled vet. I trained into HVAC after I left the service...not a very smart move...since I've never learned to work smarter and not harder. Before I even graduated I started working for a contractor replacing boilers on an AF installation. Two seasons an 54 lockinvars later....I moved on to learn other systems. I now know that I will never come close to knowing anything about HVAC...there is so much. Aggravation of multiple injuries caused me to become displaced for the last three years and now finally I got on at my church as the maintenance guy. Unfortunatley this block size building has been neglected for many years. The main part of the church is 150 years old. We have three boilers and one.."the green stinky monster" needs to be replaced. Actually it was red tagged by Ameren last week. I had a Bell Gosset 1510 volute seal blow because the last dude never greased it and the other three seem to run pretty darn hot. To top it off all four of my Johnson Control Pneumatic valves ?3008 are leaking and need the diaphrams replaced. That is why I have joined ya'll. So now off to the forum to search and ask some questions I have never tore apart a pump volute or tried to get a diaphragm out of one of these controls but I know there is someone out there who knows the secret! Smarter not Harder! thx bob

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    Being the father of an army son, I appreciate your service to the USA. Thank you! Welcome to site. It is a great site. Your battle experience will come in handy! If you have trouble, do something stupid and the mods will help you (promise). Good luck!

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    Welcom to the site. Thankyou for your service , Why and how are you working with a 80 percent disability? Won 't they take it away if you are caught working or is that just disability insurance. Anyways pnuematic diaphrams for those might not be produced anymore however I'm sure you can find replacements. BTW I am 10 PER. disabled thru navy. Did not try to upgrade.

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