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Thread: Pink Slime

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    im going to go get me a 10 pack of chicken nuggets from mcd's tomorrow and think about you guys while i eat ........ yummmmmmmmmmm.

    no really , i love them chicken nugget mystery meats.....

    what fries my bird though is how selfish the restaurants have been getting with their condiments .

    not just the fast-food joint either ..... took my wife to a mid -price steak house the other day ( the one where they throw the peanut shells on the floor.) and had to '' request'' honey-mustard , WTH? "okay ,ill ask once more and then no tip!"

    but sir its not "MY" policy .... "well it is MINE! .......
    I am beginning to wonder now, what part of a chicken is considered a 'nugget'.

    I personally have lost faith in our food suppliers.
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    Due to an overstock of pink slime because grocers are banning it, SPAM is on sale buy one get one free.
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