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    Apprentice new to site, not so new to trade

    Hey guys,

    Have been spending so much time on here in the last few days that the wife is starting to think that HVAC-Talk is some sort of porno source- but seriously, just an unbelievable wealth of info. I have to say that most of my time has been spent in the TOOL section, as I have beyond what would classify as a tool addiction/obsession. I'm a big fan of the veto-bags, and will be posting a warranty story in the tool section shortly.

    I have to say to all those looking for feedback from new guys to the site, or to all OTHER new guys to the site.........the sheer amount of knowledge and info here from guys who have obviously developed it from being in the field is just awe inspiring. I'm about halfway through my apprenticeship so far, and it has become clear to me that there are two very distinct types of tradesmen out there in this industry: Guys who are totally fine doing filter changes and changing parts their whole career because it's simply just a pay cheque for them. And guys who understand that while it can be a hell of a good pay cheque, it's also the neatest and most dynamic trade there is- BAR NONE- and that the biggest secret waiting for them is the fact that when you decide that you want to know as much as you can about your particular area OF the HVAC/R industry..................well along with every little piece of knowledge you pick up comes the realization that there's another 10 more pieces to go and get. If that makes sense to anyone, and you're the type of guy that likes to maximize your potential within your chosen field.......then welcome home!

    Super excited to be a contributing member of this community, and to get to know everyone.

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    welcome to our house
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    Welcome here!

    See the link at the bottom of my post for the secret pro member access.
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