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    Question New Heat Pump & Exchange - complaint=problems found

    Installation in November - new Trane heat pump & exchanger. First power bill in new home seemed high but was only a partial month. Got next bill - over $300 when thermostat on 68-called installation company but never was able to get assistance.

    Heater not working properly recently--tech came out and found freon was low and system was not charged properly. he also said when they installed they should have put a air return downstairs (none was there) to ensure efficient heating of our home. The salesman said it was not necessary when we discussed this. Said if we wanted this later it was not a big deal, they'd install it free since we paid so much for the system. Tech said due to this missing register, our heat pump had to run on high to get it to heat the home enough, thus the increased cost. He planned to talk to owner and have someone call me to solve these problems.

    Overnight it day I come home to my gate broken, left open and huge footprints to my back yard - later was told by the company that the installer had returned without my knowledge. not sure what he did.

    I have to depend on them to tell me what is wrong/right with the system/install. I'm getting the run around. How do I know if my system is running properly and how do I know how much wasted energy cost to go back and ask them to recoup this because of their error? How can I get all this fixed so my system is running properly from this point on?

    thank you.

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    I hear your getting frustrated but am not sure how many communications have transpired between you and the installing company. If I were in your shoes, I'd first take a deep breath and get a glass of cold water to sip when I next call them. It's important that you bring an attitude of wanting it fixed but NOT assessing blame. Blame or high energy (temper) situations will only serve to alienate the company rep with whom you're dealing. How about asking the salesman to revisit you to discuss your issues?

    Next question is the normal one. Did they do a load analysis on the home and duct system before they specified the replacement equipment? If 'Yes' then verify the equipment sizing, if 'No' then they cut a significant corner right there. If installing the return air was "no biggy", I wonder why they didn't just do it at the start?

    We cannot tell you how to achieve satisfaction. That's between you and the installing company. If they won't give you any help, then you should call another company but always, always, always ask how they'd determine the size of a replacement system for your home. If they do not insist on doing a load analysis, then don't bother inviting them out for repairs as they also cut corners. When you find one that insists on doing it the right way, that's the one to invite out. Let them do what they will to diagnose your problem and pay them for their service. If they succeed to your satisfaction, then I'd ask the installing company to reimburse you for the repairs. If they cannot satisfy you for some reason related to the install, then you'll be forced to either deal with the installing company or deal with the company of your choosing to get things fixed. Obviously, if they refuse to repair or reimburse you, then you've got to either accept it as an educational expense or take a legal route to satisfaction. That choice will be yours but it's always cheaper and more beneficial to all to settle things amicably.
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