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Thread: auto shop ?

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    auto shop ?

    i have a customer with a fairly large size auto shop .they currently have an air exhaust system at roughly 20 workstations . there is a heavy duty flex tubing
    conntected to the spiral duct branch to feed right into the station as well . they want to install some type of hood over the brake lathe and tap into this exhaust . nothing really too hard about the job but i'm not sure if this would be a standard thing to do in a shop like this . also he wants try and get the velosity up on the system as well . there's like 5 various size exhaust fans on the roof for the system with fixed sheaves . i'll swap them out with adjustable one's and max the static rating for them while staying at fla plus service factor on the motor . i was thinking of having a sheet metal shop make the hood and weld 4 eye bolts onto the top and hang it by a chain . what are your thoughts and suggestions ?

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    A articulated fume hood would be ideal then they could move it of the way if needed.

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