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    HVAC ABB ACH550 Brand new drives

    Was just curious as to whether or not anyone would be interested in these brand new drives that are out of the box but new with manuals and never put into service. Thanks for any help.

    The current stock on hand is-

    1- ABB ACH550-VDR-03A3-4+F267 1.5HP

    2- ABB ACH550-VDR-04A1-4+F267 2HP

    2- ABB ACH550-VDR-06A9-4+F267 3 HP

    2- ABB ACH550-VDR-012A-4+F267 7.5HP

    1- ABB ACH550-PDR-038A-4 25HP

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    Hi I am looking for some vfd, your 3hp are they 480v? and how much do you want for them? thanks

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    Yes they are 480V and I have a total of 2. How many are you looking for?

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    I need one but if price is good I would buy both. 503-394-3461 call Me

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