Back again still sulking over a Ram motor gone bad during my watch. Long story short ended up with a brand new Ram motor from Johnson/York baltimore parts. 800 Hp on a york YK with a VFD. Old motor had a history of vibration coming from the ODE of the motor and after a recent bearing change from yours truely a grease fire erupted, a catristraufic rear bearing failure occured and the motor was sent out for extensive repair. In the interem the new motor was set and started uncoupled. A noticable vibration was coming from the ODE of the motor. I could not F+++++ beleive it. Vibration anaylsis showed 4 times the the Horizontal magnitude from the ODE bearing of that from the test certificate from Ram. Brought local Johnson in to test with there equipment, same thing, readings unaceptable. 11 to 12 tests later, coupling on, coupling off, 30 HZ, 60HZ, ect,we found that when the rear bolts were loose the vibration plumited. The motor was set on the original shim stacks and no noticable soft foot was suspected but I was obviously wrong on that. Ended up lifting the motor over 1.20 thousands at the left foot and 70 thousands on the right foot until the vibration was acceptable when the bolts were tightened.The motor had been in a serious bind causing the problem. Now I worked for york a lot of years and must of had my head in the sand on this one. How on earth are you to tell if the motor is in a binde or not. The coupling total indicator readings only changed .001 from the original setting to that of when the motor was lifted darn near 1/8 of an inch in the rear. I asked a couple of old York guys I still know and no real insight was gained. I would love some input on this, if any one has had a simular situation. Thanks