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    Quote Originally Posted by Wheelbaron View Post
    I need to get me some Red Tags for HVAC, any ideas where to buy them?
    Ours a called "lockout tags" The company gets for us so I dont know where.
    Never argue with a crazy man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweat hog View Post
    Ours a called "lockout tags" The company gets for us so I dont know where.
    Google on "Lockout Tagout" and you'll find a bazillion of them... well maybe not quite that many, but lots for sure...
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    Quote Originally Posted by dandyme View Post
    that's one way to get that pesky draft hood to stop leaking CO
    This was my first thought. Blocking the hood actually made it safer. Plenty of other problems though.

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    Aside from not being secured to the draft hood and not having the listed firestop, the B-vent was installed upside down.

    Unfortunately, I find abortions like this all too often.

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