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    Just want to say hello

    Hello everyone, I was looking for information to improve my skills and printing multiple articles off various sites, when I stumbled across this forum. I thought, maybe this is what I need, so I joined and here I am. I am a rookie in the service tech arena, though I can install quite well. I am a plumber who has been crossed trained through circumstances into the sheet metal and now hvac industry. I have five licenses, which you older dogs will know, those and a dollar will get me a coke at mc d's. There is alot to this industry that I do not know, and field experience will never be replaced by text books or testing. I care about my industry and my reputation, and I want to be good at what I do.

    And so, I say, I will ask dumb questions. I will ask for clarification if I do not fully understand. I am a rookie and at least smart enough to know that I am a rookie, so please bear with me and try not to be to harsh.

    I look forward to the mentoring and advice of the veterans who give thier time on this site. Your time will not be wasted with me, that is one promise I can make.

    With great respect

    Dense Daemon

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    welcome, you'll need to get the post count up before applying for pro membership (that will get you the best assistance)

    a little info in that profile would benefit you also
    It`s better to be silent and thought the fool; than speak and remove all doubt.

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    Great just what I need more empty promises.

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    Welcome here!

    Don't go away mad!
    Worry is a really gross misuse of one's imagination. -- PHM

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