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Thread: Carrier I-VU

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    Carrier I-VU

    Hey guys im installing a I-VU equipment touch part# EQT1-4-CAR and an App controller part# OPN-APP. I have four rooftop package units. I got a total of four controllers and Four equipment touch. Do each of these controllers control each individual RTU? The units are currently being operated by thermostats in space. Are these things a piece a cake to wire up. Do i need to daisy chain each app controller? Im waiting for tech support to call me back? Any help o will appreciate it..

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    Cant' answer you on most of your questions but the EQ-Touch connects directly to the control module and only one. If you had a System Touch you could have daisy chained them with MS/TP. Each one you have to supply 24 VAC and to the RNET port of the control module.
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    Yeah what xarralu said, the equipment touch talks directly to a single piece of equipment on the rnet port. If you're running a separate ZS sensor you can daisy chain the rnet bus to the equipment touch, but you'll have run separate power to them. Not much else to them.

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