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    Honeywell Lizard / XL50 Controllers

    Anyone have a copy of Honeywell Lizard.exe?

    Have a couple Honeywell XL50 controllers that have lost their programming. Attempted C-Bus load, but not certain I had the C-bus baud rate correct. Want to give direct connect with Lizard a try. Xi582 controllers running about 400$ on ebay, could not be certain they have their programming loaded, and don't have CARE to load them up.

    Is PJT the file type for these applications? Any other information greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    From memory, I think Lizard was used to make the .apb files in a controller XL-50 up to 800.
    The apb file creates the MMI user interface, so you could make country specific MMI layouts or one to suit a fixed application.

    You have a backup yes?
    I assume so as you state you "attempted C-Bus load" so again I assume you have some sort of supervisor- EBI, Symmetre, XBS.
    You also say you may have the baud rate incorrect, for that you must have an MMI connected or mounted in the XL-50.

    Check other controllers that are working and see what baud they are set to, then match your one.
    Tell us what supervisor you have and we can guide you how to download a backup from the supervisor if one had been taken in the first place.

    You are correct, a pjt file is the project for your controller and possibly many or all of the others in your building.
    If you have this then it is possible to compile and create a download file set for your controllers, again you are correct and will need someone with CARE to do this though.

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