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    Quote Originally Posted by CRussell1975 View Post
    Are there any test cases where the PVE has been run in a Rack?
    Where would I find it and what is the general cost per gallon vs/ POE?
    It's expensive and they are sort of similar to me at Digi-Cool....small company that doesn't belong to the 'boys club' so they get maligned and forgotten a lot.....thus they don't get stocked anywhere. You guys would NOT believe what goes in in the supply side of the industry and thus why we are still using $hit in some technologies.....not to mention patent issues.....
    Thus small guys usually give up.....and you/I get stuck with $%%^ing garbage like POE....
    This guy was really helpful...

    Eric Schweim
    Mgr Refrigeration Lubricants
    Idemitsu Lubricants America

    (248) 455 - 1456
    Cell (248) 890 -2176
    "The quality you deserve is not expensive---it's priceless"

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    It says again, you can eliminate the filter drier..I don't get that?

    And I do kinda wonder why it's packaged in a metal can?

    since it's so stable in water, would it not be cheaper to package it in plastic like AB/MIN?

    I am all for new technologies. But only when they make sense

    to me something isn't adding up here. maybe I'm not smart enough

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    I know quite a bit about PVE oil

    (1) PVE, like Poe and pag oils will absorb moisture. This is why it is packed in metal cans. Packaging in metal cans will increase the shelf life to years. It is all about quality,quality. Moisture will go through a plastic bottle.
    (2) PVE does not react with moisture. POE reacts with moisture to create acid and a metallic soap (like a greasy sludge)). PVE does not do this.
    (3) PVE will not cause capillary tube blockage like POE
    (4)) A filter dryer is still recommended for a system with PVE. This is because it still filters impurities and removes excess moisture.(

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