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    hey guys its me again, i had an interview today didnt go so good.. ill tell yous why, the owner works out of his apartment, me thinking its an actual shop..but anyways he said supposedley he'll call me...but get this a week ago another shop called me saying to come in and fill out an app. i couldnt go cuz of the prego wifey but i go today .. and filled out an app. and spoke with the owner(he seemed really cool) and told him i used to work for FOUR SEASONS H/AC out in bridgview,il and have a couple months make a long story short they need a helper and they will train the right person(hope its me)..just that he needs to think about it cuz theres 2 other applicants..its like out of a fairy tale, all the shops i went to all wanted the same thing EXPERIENCE.. i hope they call me.. i hope my bad luck phase has run out and things go good from now on...i just wanted to give an update on still chasing the hvac dream...

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    Keep beating the streets. Stop in a couple times even at the ones you already been to. Someone might get the idea you're serious and hire you just because of that.

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