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    Reprogramming Hobart LX30 board for LX18C

    The seal went in my LX18C and the moisture fried the control board. I had a hobart tech come out and diagnose the problem. Because I am in a remote location, and the travel time cost $, he suggested I order the $ board from Hobart, and install it myself. I received the board the other day, and it works, but during the self test a "30" comes on the display, and the machine doesnt work. Hobart cant give me any guidence, although they indicated it would only take a minute, but that minute will cost me another $+. I am pretty sure I need to jump J5 pins 1&2, but beyond that....
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    This not a Do It Yourself site. How many techs come ask for free food?

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    I paid the tec quite well when he came out and told me what was already obvious. The techs advise was order the board and install it - now I'm into it for $ and I just looking for a little help making it work. If you dont want to help that's cool, but your analogy is flawed. It would be more like a tech requesting a recipe for chowder on a restaurant blog, and I would be happy to oblige.
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    BTW, I wouldn't mind paying a someone for their knowlege on this. I just dont want to get another $ travel hit.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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