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    Cambridge MAU

    Had a winter maintenance call for a car wash with Cambridge MAUs.
    below is the flame sensor, notice how its worn down to a nub. Amazingly it was still able to read flame. told mgr need to replace sensor, didnt wanna do it.
    The second is the amount of clearance i had at the blower door.
    Third is looking in at the blower, couldnt get a good photo of how loose the belts were.

    3 months later get the call for no heat. new sensor vs old sensor
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    NICE!! it's amazing how people will pay for a second service call PLUS the part you wanted to replace the first time you were there!!!

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    should've sanded down the sensor in the 1st as long as they are in the flame and not coated by insulator, they will still have rectification through them, to a certain point of course.
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    Some of those customers are like that. The only thing you can do is document what you found and recommended repairs because you can bet when it does fail the next day, they will be hollaring that you did'nt fix it. Those cambridge air units have the simplest design except for changing the bellts depending on what you're working from for access.

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