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    Red face Fireplace Gas Line Runs Down Inside Wall, Fireplace Doors

    My house was built in the early 1960s and had a masonry wood burning fireplace which we had converted to gas logs about 8-10 years ago. The gas line was run through the masonry, down the inside wall next to the fireplace, veers left, and around the corner into the fireplace. This leaves a gap where the fireplace door unit is not sealed as the gas line is entering behind it. Is there a way to fix this as it is unsightly? Or are there times that this is the only way to run the gas line?

    The damper is permanently open because of the gas logs. The basement, where the fireplace is located, is always freezing. The doors on the fireplace are drafty and need to be replaced. How can I install and seal new fireplace doors around this gas line. Would the fireplace doors need to be custom-made with a cut out for the gas line? What is the best way to seal the fireplace? Are different types of fireplace doors used for gas logs as opposed to "old-fashioned" log fireplaces?
    Would the distance the line runs from the source effect the cost of using the gas logs? Thanks for your help.
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