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    Unhappy Quadrafire Bay 1200 Exhaust motor noise

    The exhaust motor on my 5yr old Quadrafire 1200 makes an awful squeaking noise. I can spray a bit of extreme temp dry lube in there and it will quiet it down for a few hours but the loud noise allways returns.

    I was going to just replace the motor but it appears quadrafire doesn't just sell the replacement exhaust fan motor and I will need to purchase the entire assembly (fan, shroud and all). Is there any way around this?

    I removed the unit and blew the dust off with a compressor and gave it a shot of high temp lube but it didn't fix the problem. Can I just replace a bearing or get the new motor from another source without paying for all the stuff I don't need?

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    Anyone? The factory has a ship date of April 10th for this ridiculously overpriced part and will only sell the whole housing. All I need is the motoring of course it's snowing after a winter of rain here...

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    Thats the way quad sells them, motor and housing. I dont know why but its just how it is, you may be able to find a motor on ebay or something.

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    Nobody here is stopping you from going freestyle but if you have a problem with that stove such as a hopper fire, just understand Quad will do all they can to prove you modified it and voided their warranty and listing.

    The only blowers I've had to replace are where the homeowners failed in their due diligence to have the stove properly and thoroughly cleaned resulting in increased temps. at the blower and clogged with fly ash. Might want to review your maintenance schedule and how you're cleaning the stove and vent. Also, long, extended or tortuous vent runs can kill blowers.


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