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    Horrible Noise from my Outside Unit.

    Hi, I'm trying to diagnose an issue with my A/C unit. Unfortunately I just left town for a week when this issue started so I'm trying to get ideas so I can address it when I return. My unit is a Rheem and only a year and a half old. What I'm hearing is a horrible loud noise coming from my outside unit. At this point it also seems to be random. The A/C can be running fine then the noise will start. Normally the noise will start for a while then stop randomly. Last night it sounded like it was repeatedly clicking on and off but the A/C was continually blowing air inside the house and the air was cold.It wasn't like the air stopped and started blowing every time. Eventually when it clicked "On" the loud noise was constant. After about 5 minutes of the terrible noise it went completely quiet and was running normally. When it goes through this clicking on and off phase, every time it comes on I can see the lights in my house dim. If I go to the air handler in my hall closet, I can feel the vibration and some noise within the handler but the source is definitely outside. I took a quick look this morning outside before I left and didn't notice anything externally. The pipes leading to the compressor appeared "wet" but didn't see any ice or frost. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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    It's absolutely impossible for anyone to provide you with any guidance on your issue without at least hearing the noise. My advice is to set an appointment with a highly qualified professional company to come to your home and diagnose the problem. If the unit is only 1-1/2 years old, any internal components should be an warranty. How about calling the installing contractor? That's the best place to start.
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    My advice would be to call for service.
    Doesn't sound like anything a homeowner can repair.
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    I plan on calling him but wanted to see if I can get some information prior to as I won't be able to contact him till Tuesday. I definitely would not attempt to repair myself. Just trying to see if anyone had a ballpark idea of some suggestions that I could relay to him. Thanks anyway.

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