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    Thinning the Herd

    I was reading on a local forum about our problem with these bath salts being sold in the city.

    One of the posters on there was arguing that she and her boyfriend use the salts in moderation and that they cause no harm if used that way.

    She also stated that her BF has heart problems and she stated that when he uses the bath salts his chest pains go

    I think the government should start producing these bath salts in super concentrated form and put them out on the market.....

    With people as stupid as this woman and her boyfriend using them it might be a good way to "thin the herd" of stupid people in the USA.

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    Sure, and they only lead to running urinal cakes.....there's a good time...! Oh the colors.....................
    Tough times don't last...Tough people do.

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