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Thread: HRV Turns on AC

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    HRV Turns on AC

    How can I prevent my HRV from turning on the Air condtioner?

    The HRV has a relay to turn on the furnace fan. The N/O contact is wired to the furnace conrtrol board on the Red (24 Vac) and Green (Fan). This works well.

    The thermostat is also wired to these furnace contacts along with a yellow wire for the A/C.

    When the HRV energizes the Green to turn the furnace fan on, the thermostat also energizes the yellow / AC.

    Do I need an additional relay to prevent the HRV from turning on the A/C?

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    Often when you put voltage to G, it feeds back through the stat to Y. Someone with electrical control knowledge needs to study the HRV wiring and come up with a solution.

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    Like baldy said, often the t-stat has a common terminal for Y + G. This is most common on the older t-stats. It'll take someone on scene who knows wiring to get it right and it may require more controls than what you already have. Or not, depending on different wiring options.
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