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    Tony Berlin Serice1st /HVAC God passes away

    Tony Berlin of Bloomington , Indiana Service1st passed away from cancer Feb 21.

    He started his own HVAC forum, so I will not mention the name, and a HVAC Blog Site called Digital Zeus.

    Tony was a knowledgeable tech and did not know that his health was failing him. He will be missed.
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    Says "He was a HVAC Technician."
    Not when you share your knowledge like he did.
    He will be riding shotgun along side more than a few of us for along time.
    Rest In Peace Bro
    “If You Can Dodge A Wrench You Can Dodge A Ball”

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    I will leave a quote from Tony just after he started his forum to give you a idea of his mind set to this trade

    .The Winds Of Change

    "This site was not established with, has no interests in nor do we attempt to promote corporate involvement. This is a field tech Forum period. If someone wants to walk in here and say **** Carrier, Trane and Calc no one but other members of the site has anything to say about it. The ONLY counts I give a rats ass about are the registered members and the new posts, when they are up that means our brothers are using the Forums. We are socializing, we are passing our knowledge to the new guys, we are attracting new users and we are building a fraternal trade bond that this industry has been excluded from for too long.."

    Rest in peace Brother
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    we need more people who can share their knowledge without a price attached.

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    I first met Tony as a client, but last spoke to him as a friend. He was instrumental in increasing my knowledge of the HVAC business and always willing to help someone learn and grow. He will be sadly missed. My thoughts and prayers to Susan and the family.

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    surprized thanks

    I'm new here , nice thread!

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