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    Question Walk-in Freezer floor issues

    I have a walk in freezer that the floor has frozen underneath and buckled the floor up, not sure how the water initially got under the flooring. We have a mobile unit on the way, and plan to shut down the walk in freezer on Monday. So my question is, once the ice melts underneath the floor and if the floor lays back down, can I put either a 4 or 6 inch floor panel on top of the concrete, or will it be necessary to tear out all the concrete and start over from scratch. If I have to tear out the entire floor, how thick does the insulation under the floor have to be to keep the box running around 0. Any idea of how far down I will need to dig out the floor if that becomes necessary? I just want to make sure the job is done right the first time.

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    Depending on the length width box temperature amount of floor insulation etc. dependson how deep your frost lens will be. There are proper engineering standards for freezer floors. Some place I read about a frozen warehouse that had built over 75 feet of ice. If your dimensions are large enough you might require under floor heat.

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