I'm currently waiting on an estimate from my contractor on a replacement HP system. It will include: RPRL-060JEC + RHPL-HM6024

I had originally been looking at a RPQL-048JEZ + RHKL-HM4824 combination but he indicated that the difference in price between the 15 & 16 seer systems would not be great and he felt that my current system was undersized.

I understand that this system is of the serial communication enabled type and would be fully funcitonaly with a rheem 500 series thermostat.

Being a tech geek, I indicated my desire to have a wifi capable thermostat and gave him information on the Radio Thermostat CT80. He indicated that it was his understanding that a communicating thermostat was required but he would discuss it with his distributor. I guess an Ecobee would be another option.

My question is this: What would I be losing or giving up if I used a non-communicating thermostat with the RPRL/RHPL system?

FWIW, I live in the deep south, near New Orleans. Dehumidification functionality, and therefore a variable speed blower and a control system that can use it, is a priority. The house is 2400 sqft living on two floors. Double layer fiberglass batts in the ceiling with blueboard exterior walls with brick venier. The house is not very tight.

Thanks for any insight