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    Orphaned water heater

    Hello. We are thinking of getting a new high-efficiency furnace, which would orphan the hot water heater. The terra-cotta heater flue has already been lined with 6" liner. If we orphan the water heater, do I need to put in a new, smaller liner (like a 3" liner)?


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    not necessarily. you should find a company that is certified in combustion/carbon monoxide. a few tips. if you have a service guy hold a lighter up the the draft hood and say "yup its sucking the flame up" this does not mean the exhaust if flowing up the pipe. it means the room air is going up the pipe. for the most part you should be fine. but to be on the safe side i would have a barometric damper installed with a safety spill switch. and have some sort of low level CO monitor

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    There are vent sizing tables which need to be followed for proper appliance venting. You need to know the total chimney height, btu input of the appliance, vent connector height, horizontal run and number of elbows and the tables will give you the correct sizes. Make sure that the HWT is either in a large enough space to use room air for combustion & venting, or (preferred) there is a direct source of outside air sized correctly to provide the necessary air to the appliance. Have a pro come out and evaluate what you have and make the necessary changes.
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    A 6" limner is within teh allowable size for a water heater with a 3" draft hood.
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