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    heating and a\c packaged unit

    I was wondering if there is a such thing as an "off season" where I can purchase my packaged unit at a cheaper time I have been running off of emergency heat for a year and my electric bill is killing me..I live in Southeast Kentucky if that helps at all ..Thanks in advance.

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    Guys are sitting home, we need work. Definitely the best time to buy. Don't wait til there's some warmth in the air (OK, this is a freak winter so it may be fairly warm now) or we'll be busy and prices back to normal. Dealers are selling at cost just for any work. Of course look beyond price for the dealer who you think will do the best job with decent equipment. Low bids can be trouble.

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    different prices..

    Well, the thing is that I checked on ebay in January and the prices were cheaper than they are now..I am assuming because of tax season.. but the prices have jumped up and I didn't know if I really needed to wait or get it now..

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