An Afgan soldier kills two American soldiers and wounds others protesting the accidental burning of their evil book the Koran. I say we leave and just keep bombing them as needed to keep the terrorists in check and when the Afgans get tired of it then maybe they can stop supporting them or just let them die until they figure it out. Thank you very much

Campaigning in Washington state, Gingrich said Afghan President Hamid Karzi owes the U.S. an apology for the shootings.
"There seems to be nothing that radical Islamists can do to get Barack Obama's attention in a negative way and he is consistently apologizing to people who do not deserve the apology of the president of the United States period," Gingrich said.
"And, candidly, if Hamid Karzai, the president of Afghanistan, doesn't feel like apologizing then we should say good bye and good luck, we don't need to be here risking our lives and wasting our money on somebody who doesn't care."