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    This is why owners get a bad rap from butt heads like this
    and tech.s have a get him before he gets me attitude...

    working for a large contractor for the last year in one of the biggest supermarkets here in Fla. He has 2 businesses one on the east coast and one on the west. well things got bad for the new shop on the west coast, between having 2 idiots, general manager and service manager, and not finding qualified help needless to say the owner just threw up his hands and gave his 45 days notice so the story goes....

    well we have a meeting and they tell all who stay till the contract ends that he'll pay us what we're already due in vacation time... OK not a bad deal right... we can look for a job and can be very choosy with who we go with, or go with the new contractor our choice....

    here's where it gets interesting, everyone is wondering how we're going to finish this thing from when are we going to get our pay to when and where are we supposed to drop off our trucks... so we get a call and they say they will do it in shifts a couple of guys will stay to run calls and they will call us to bring in our trucks, this is on Tuesday, well on Thursday at 415 pm the plan they want everybody at the shop on Friday morning at 800 am 3 1/2 plus hour ride for some, OK thats easy
    I'm thinking this is great he's rented a party bus to run everybody home [boy am i an a$$]

    but wait when we get there we're told, to bring the truck's to the east coast shop... and then they will pay us and give us a ride home...oh by the way how are we getting home, oh they have made all the arraignments over there, OK how long is it to the east coat i ask, only 1 hour I'm told, i look at this guy like he's crazy as i have been to Miami and from my house its like five hours at 80 MPH give or take a little for taffic.... OK they are paying us for the day, I've started driving at 600AM and now I'm heading to Miami and its 11 AM with a bag a quarters 1.50 for the toll [why so late you ask, had to figure out where each truck was going
    2 different locations for 15 different trucks] so we're off
    away from the idiots and on are way to Miami, all a sudden
    i get a call from the truck in front of me and he states that a guy just went through the toll and its not a 1.50
    like they gave us its 2.50, crap i have no cash now what
    guy in front stops to give me a buck. wow this is indicative how organized this management team was...

    so now we're in Miami it 130 pm get to meet the rich guy who owns this fiasco and he ask us how everything going
    all the guys go, [duh] good.... not me I'm bitter he states he's bitter also.... OK Roger rich guy how are we getting home.... here he goes talking out his a$$ or both sides of his face.... Jeff the idiot general manager has taken care of all the arrangements, and in pops this guy through a door and states I'm ready, I'll be your driver.
    lets roll i said.... so we're off and we walk out of the office through the shop and whats out there waiting but a utility van and he opens the sliding back door and there they sit... five milk crates one for us all, for the 2 1/2 plus ride back to the other shop.... right there I'm pissed
    i contemplate going back in the shop to give ROGER RICH GUY the beating he deserver's but wait I'm way to smart for this guy, i know owners, most are full of bull****... guess what i got in my pocket a spare key to my truck that i just drove there, needless to say i had my ride back to the other coast nice and safe, no milk crate lines on my smart a$$.... so now ROGER RICH GUY will part with some of his hard earned money and pay 2 guys to go from Miami to my house for his truck and pay me overtime for the day and the rest of the guys he had out there for over 14 hrs. or he has to find this truck where ever i decide to park it... what a snake.... I'm not the yes man all the other guys turned into by climbing in the back of that cattle truck

    this should be a priceless moment

    2 guys at 10 man hrs. to come pick up the truck lets say 200.00
    3 full tanks of gas 300.00
    loss of time for the 2 guys getting real work done

    having to deal with me priceless

    verses the cost of a seven person mini van rental for a day

    got an idea from friend he told to take a pic of the truck and paste it on a milk carton that says have you seen me and e-mail him it
    once you think you've seen it all
    I would rather work for free than be look upon as a thief!!!!!

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    I would have told them to come and pick up the van in the first place. If they didnt come and get it within 24 hours, I would charge them a storage fee.
    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

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    Hey dirty, this guy doesn't have any business being in business. Everything in his future is not gold. Why do your think is lost the contract? he doesn't know what he's doing. I would have told him where to pick up his truck!

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    There is a lesson or two in each job we sign on with. Some of us learn from bad circumstances while others choose to ignore the lessons life treats us to.

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