they come here and their lives are 1000 percent better then the garbage they left in their home land, are the majority of them thankful? NOPE!

America became the greatest nation in the world for one reason , because we put God ahead of everthing else.

the Marxist Liberals round them up like sheep and tell them that anything they do to an American is OK , they tell them lies , exaggerations , and half truths from the past.

any hate filled action you take against a person is a sin , it doesn't matter if you THINK you're justified because you THINK you know something about history.

there is nothing in their lives other then money, and if they aren't handed a million dollars , they believe they are the victim of racism.

the truth about America is no other super power in world history has been less totalitarian.
less then 1% of the white population in America is involved with any kind of racism.

these ungreatful foreigners will be just as miserable here as they were in their worthless countries,
and it doesn't matter how much money they make ripping off Americans.

because they will never understand what America is, and what it was meant to be,

these people come here and they don't have one shread of justice running in their blood.

there is no future for them because of them being here means America is on a downfall.

they have no urge to be American , they jus bring their garbage over here because they are protected by the law

foreigners will stand trial before God for their racism and politicians will stand trial for their decay