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Thread: Heat pumps

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    I am thinking about replacing the 7 yo Goodman heat in my new home.

    Reason: They work just fine. But in the winter the units are just outside bedroom window and are noisey. Have had them recently serviced and no issues per tech.

    So who makes the "best" but quitest heat pump.

    (and yes I know the word "best" depends upon many factors and installation is the key.)

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    If you want a quite condenser, make sure you get a unit that uses Scroll compressor; Rheem, York affinity series etc, matched with a variable speed airhandler, and you will be glad.

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    I have not really ever come up against this question but, I would think that if you have a heat pump with an 850cfm condenser fan motor and a scroll you would have a pretty quiet machine!

    The only time the unit would make any noise I would guess is in the defrost mode but that shouldn't be too loud...

    Opinions welcome...

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    For what it's worth... we install American Standard. All of the heat pumps we've put in were pretty quiet, you can easily have a conversation by one while it's running.
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