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    How has your friend been operating the system. I have had customers with heat pumps operate them improperly. A heat pump is not meant to recover very fast it is meant to maintain, so if they kept setting it back to 60 then trying to quickly heat to 70 the thermostat was probably partially set right and it should have been explained better from the company but there is no way this should have gone on for two years without a remedy.

    I think no matter what the company has some fault here but how much? How was it improperly hooked up. How does a customer not notice a heat pump not coming on and just the electric heat?
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    there is more to this story then we will ever know. something doesn't sound right. i would say yes its partial contractors fault but also homeowners fault. if it has been 2 years i certainly would believe the contractors fault is over with

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    If a plumber installed a kitchen faucet and left the house and the homeowner came home and found water dripping onto the floor of the cabinet under the sink, called the plumber back, the plumber tightened some thing and left again and all seemed well for a couple of weeks, then the problem resumed and this went on through 10 cycles over 4 months, should the homeowner consult another plumber or continue to use the same one? If he uses the same one and it ultimately rots out the cabinet, who's at fault? Who should pay?
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