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    I have stated this before. If you keep installing these compressors, we will all become parts changers. You do not rebuild this kind of cheap compressor. You replace it! So here we go, lets race to the bottom of our carreers. When you take away the skill that is required to work on these compressors, we will be replaced by cheaper unskilled hands. This is just my opinion. Take it as you will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by supertek65 View Post
    125 tons
    134-a mainly.

    I think?? you can retrofit an r11 chiller ofcourse all you use is the evaporator and condenser!
    everything else goes!
    i guess if you did an r11 chiller you would also change the refrigerant to 134a?

    water cooled stuff is best but i have heard of guys doing air cooled stuff, just not me!
    McQuay's WMC goes to 400 tons with two compressors so the tonnage will probably will be a little less than 200 tons per compressor. The evap and condenser on low pressure machines has not been certified or stamped to handle any pressure over 15lbs, at least of all the ones I have worked on.

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    No one has had issues with IGBT, soft start or PWM modules???

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