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    I am thinking of replacing all or part of 18 year old Lennox HVAC system located in 1800 sq. ft. townhouse (Rhode Island).

    Or, just replace parts when they fail.
    Or, just replace the Central AC unit.
    Or, do nothing for now.
    Trying to get educated on my system before problems occur (no problems yet, knock on wood).

    Central AC Model HS18-261-8P
    Furnance G12D2-55-3
    Evaporator C16-21-1ff

    My questions are:
    Does any one know how long the approximate life span is for each Lennox piece mentioned above?
    Should I replace the whole system at once (whats the benifits of doing this)?
    Is it OK to just replace the AC unit?

    I think the main point is I am assuming the furnace will last longer than the outside Central AC unit. I think the Central AC unit has seen it's better days.

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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    Replace the whole system.

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    Replace the whole system. The new one will pay for itself in operation savings.

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    elkhvac, I think your right. It's tough for me as a homeowner to replace a working system. Once I get over the initial shock I think I'll be OK.

    Anyway, I guess the next question is what do I do next?

    I don't thnk Home Depot or Sears is the answer. I think I need to find a great local HVAC person.

    I suppose I need to go with Trane, Lennox, Rheem, or Carrier???????

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    Generally speaking, a furnace will last longer than an outside AC condenser unit.

    Furnace 20+ yrs av life

    AC condenser 15+ yrs av life

    Of course, there are exceptions both on the high and low side of av life. Lots of lemons with HVAC equipment and installs and lots of bragging stories about very old units still providing great service.

    As to your question about replacing everything, any idea as to efficiency of existing furnace? Any performance/recent repair issues with current furnace?

    Personally, I agree if budget allows, go ahead and replace everything. If just the outside AC condenser, make certain you have a matching evap coil installed.

    I notice you live in Rhode Island. If close to ocean, you need an AC unit that is rated for salt air application. Just a suggestion to consider. The benefit of replacing everything besides pc of mind and improved comfort/savings is usually better warranty on a complete matching system. If you go with everything, considera system with var spd blower. It makes a difference.

    Good LucK!

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