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    Question "Lost In The Cosmos"...

    I've been impressed with the folks here...another guy needing advice, please...

    Existing Rhode Island condo w/forced air system and central air. 1985 End-unit, vinyl-sided condo/original AC and furnace... One level with finished basement, one zone thermostat upstairs in central hallway. Upstairs @ 917 sq ft, downstairs @ 583 sq ft. Total @ 1500 sq ft. Current, dead AC unit 2-ton. Comfort-Maker 100,000 btu furnace. We have been in the condo for about three years. Should be here for another 10-12 years...

    Considering Carrier/Bryant, Trane, Rheem, and first was just going to replace the AC, but now considering getting new furnace as well...

    1.) Advantages of replacing both now, rather than trying to get another 1-5 yrs. out of the existing furnace...

    2.) Like the idea of a 2-speed compressor AC, variable speed air handler, and newer refrigerant, with a 13-14 SEER rated unit...and two-stage furnace... what do you think of this, with cooling season for us of @Mid-May through @Mid-September...worth going higher than 13-14 SEER?

    3.) Anyone here know of very good dealers in Rhode Island?

    Any other ideas welcome on specific furnace and AC units ...

    Thx, guys...


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    Hi rired2005!

    I don't think that 2 ton AC is sufficient for you.

    The rough estimate for ac sizing is 1 ton per 500 square feet, plus 380 BTU per person, plus 1,200 BTU per kitchen. But this is a rough one.

    Did you get your ac sized by a contractor using Manual J? Did you size your duct using Manual D?

    I think this guide for selecting air conditioners will be useful for you. It also includes the guide to selecting EER and SEER.

    You don't necessarily need the highest SEER, or EER, UNLESS stated by the regulation.

    Brand is not really a big issue. At least for me

    I don't know dealers in RI, as I don't stay there

    All the best!


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    I don't know of anybody in that area but with the short season you have and knowing the unit's now are built to last only 10 to 15 years I look for a 10seer a/c. On the heat side I would try to find a 90 rated heater

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    Add add add...

    Another rough estimate

    Normally, the SEER or EER requirement for short tem uses won't be that high. But, you have to check it using calculation.

    Money is precious.

    Knowledge is priceless.

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    If two ton cooling has been good no reason to go higher unlees some strange earth tilt happens then we all got the wrong ac.
    If you are looking for a "higher seer" 14 on up AirConditioner you will find the Heatpumps cost the same to install as stright Air. So you might want to ask about Duel fuel (use your 24,000btu heatpump to heat the house on 40degree days when it gets colder use the gas furnace)

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