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    Alright, see if anyone can give me any suggestions. i've been a commercial installer/supervisor most of my career, i have done only a couple of years of residential. I know just enough to get into trouble. i've got a house to size up, and here it is. North Idaho, 2400 sq. foot main floor, with a 600 sq. foot bonus room, 2400 sq. foot unfinished basement.
    they want a heat pump with electric backup. so i came up with 5 tons for the main floor and bonus room. basement, 3 ton heat pump with 4 ton blower, the owner says he is using his wood stove in the winter that is installed in the basement.
    i have purchased the "manual d", but it has not arrived yet, and i do have my own "scientific" methods of common sizing that is used up here.
    any and all comments or suggestions are welcome. Thank You


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    Could always check out that red tab on the top of the page... probably the best way (aside from manual J).
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