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Thread: Chile Addicts

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    Chile Addicts

    New Mexico State University has named a new chile the worlds hottest.
    A couple years ago it was the Bhut Jolokia from India but new tests have shown three even hotter.
    Using Scoville Units where the jalapenos are rated at 4000-50000 SHU
    the hotter ones are :
    Trinidad Scorpion 2 million SHU
    Chocolate 7-pot 1.17 million SHU
    7-pot 1.06 SHU
    Jolokia 1.02 SHU

    I can't eat without heat but I'm going to stick with habaneros. These things might kill.
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    I love hot food too, however; 2 million SHU, makes my butt hurt just thinking about it...ouch.
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    These chilis have a wonderful flavor that cannot be found in other peppers. The trick to enjoying them, (without spending time in the bathroom wiping your a$$ with a snowcone) is not to eat the seeds or pulp as much...

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    I'll stick to the < than 1 mil

    Love chili

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