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    hey wheres the thread on this?
    there but for the grace of god, go all of us

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    Sν, fue suprimido en la violaciσn de mis derechas extranjero ilegal
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    President Bush is against it, so I am against it.

    Actually, according to an owner of a Latino radio station who has played this song, 60% of his listeners complained that it was offensive. Of the 40% that stated it was not offensive, most did not support the song, just stated that it did not offend them. Keep in mind that these are the opinions of only American Latinos.
    Government is a disease...
    ...masquerading as its own cure…
    Ecclesiastes 10:2 NIV

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    Why not

    Everything else is in their native, radio, newspapers, ballots, psa's....any welfare form you could ever possibly need.....prescription warnings....hell, why can't they have their own version of the Anthem ???
    Life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone.

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    Nexted we will be flying the mexican flag..Who gives a !@#$
    about if there illegal or not as long as they are working and trying to do right. Maybe if some of the prison's would put there labor to work on government projects we wouldn't have to pay 40,000 dollars a year for each prisoner.
    "Everyday above ground, is a good day".
    "But everyday that you have made a difference in someones life, may insure you stay above ground a little longer".<aircooled>

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