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    Wated Network 8000 Microzone IIs

    I’m a facilities engineer at a school district in Oregon. I’m interested in purchasing any used Barber Colman Network 8000 Microzone II controllers that others may no longer need after upgrading to newer systems (these are 1980s vintage). I only need the enclosure and backplate with the terminals & relays and such; I don’t need the main circuit board card to be functional or even included.
    If you have any of these and would be willing to sell us at a reasonable price, please let me know. Thanks,

    Gary Heldt, PE
    District Engineer
    School District 4J
    Eugene, OR 97402
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    Are you still looking for these? I have some at a site that have been no longer needed. I can only get them when I get called to the site. What would you be willing to pay for them? They were working before they were removed but I cannot guarantee they all still work. There may be as many as 20.

    Let me know.

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    used MicrozoneII

    Hi Beacon Tech,
    Thanks for the reply. At this point we don't need any more as I bought 18 of these used recently. However, I'll keep your info in case something changes this summer and we need more. FYI We paid $40 ea for the 18 we purchased (plus shipping). About half were MZII within an enclosure and the other half were just the MZII on a backplate for mounting in a separate cabinet.


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