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    I am not sure of the problem either, not enough information.
    Quite frankly it sounds like a service company jumping thru hoops because someone doesn't want the heatstrips to run. Also sounds like the electric heat is now bypassed so it doesn't come on during defrosts or maybe now has an OD temp sensor.
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    I really appreciate all your feedback.

    When the time comes that I do get the new repairman out; I'll be sure to have him read all of this first; then I won't have to explain myself again, and he'll have your ideas -- I really appreciate that. I've tried so hard over the last year to get these guys to listen to me, to just make it right. The bill tells the story however. I can look back at a day when we've used the heater and KW usage that day is outrageous. So we mostly burn wood now. But I want the heater to work like it did in the good old days.

    Heat strips vs coil -- I would like to understand the difference.

    Does the fan ever spin backward on the pump?

    It used to clearly go into defrost, now I never see it/hear it.

    Really appreciate your thoughts.

    p.s. Why would someone not want my heat strips to run?

    p.s.s. The very last guy out here in April who filpped the pump fan switch, telling me something about it being for "commercial use" blah blah blah... was the same guy who decided we needed a coil deep clean $XXX But I think I found my coil online brand new for $XXX (not sure if it's the right one).

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    We're in the Puget Sound.

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    sounds like some of the changeable things on the air handler control board were switched for whatever reason, get an authorized bryant or carrier dealer to help you
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    RUNNING A TEST -- WHAT DO YOU THINK (Second paragraph)
    I was so frusturated with the situation that I actually called Bryant; they know and like the people who helped us; (the people who helped us are really very friendly; but alas, were unable to fix our problem and say we need to have our coil deep cleaned -- that they need to actually remove it and clean it and weld it back together -- even though they cleaned it for us in February... We have not even used the heater that much; I wonder if drywall dust may have caused the problem, but alas, plastic draping was set up to reduce drywall dust, does this solution sound bogus?)

    Today I had the opportunity to sit and chat with an electrician (owns his own company) and though he doesn't specialize in heaters, understands the principals of heat pumps/heaters etc., and he said it sounds like possible two wires got reversed and that the pump might be spinning backward, so that when air is sent to my coil it isn't ambient but cool, causing my coil to need to use the auxilliary heat to heat my house.

    Soon I plan to get my dad's special thermometer and take readings while I heat the house and let you all know how it goes. Currently I am switching on my A/C just to see if the pump fan spins the other way or what even happens. Switched it on A/C after a heat cycle completed at 3:21 pm. Hmmm we'll see what happens. 3:23 the a/c came on spinning the SAME DIRECTION as when the pump is heating -- I will verify this soon!!! I'm waiting to see how cold the cool air is... That's nice cool air. OK I just upped the temp so that the a/c goes off. When this completes I'll go back and turn it back to heat and we'll see which direction the pump spins. This sure is interesting. BTW in a/c the pump fan turned clockwise. OKay now it's 3:26 pm all is quiet, just turned the heater on (it's at 66) and I just turned it to 68degrees and now we'll see what happens. Now the heat has kicked in at 3:29 pm and the PUMP IS SPINNING CLOCKWISE.


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    Thanks again to everyone for all your ideas - I intend to pass these along.

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    So then the pump fan should run clockwise both in A/C and in HEAT? (thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guitarcher View Post
    So then the pump fan should run clockwise both in A/C and in HEAT? (thanks
    Most fans are designed with a certain direction of rotation in mind.

    When they spin in a different direction, they do not move the correct amount of air.

    I've seen a few, rare incidences where fans of that type are reversed, but they are, as I said, rare.

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    Even if the condenser fan switched direction from time to time, he would not get the temp swing he's talking about. Hot/cold/hot/cold, In heat mode

    Something in the controls has gone south.

    Yes, your fan should spin the same direction every time, as I believe you stated in your "test"
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    What is the model # of the outdoor unit? (Some letters and some numbers.) Also include the serial #. Gives some idea of the age and efficiency.

    The model number you gave is the indoor unit only. This is a variable speed blower - great machine.

    When you remodeled, were the ducts modified?

    Did you change the size of the house?

    Add windows?

    Put in a different filter system?

    Modify the heat pump?

    Install a new thermostat?
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    How mant thermostats do you have, it sounds like you have zoning. It's as if 1 stat is calling for cooling and the other is in heat and they are battling each other.Most zoning systems run for 15 min back and forth trying to satisfy heat and cool. Or you may just need a new company as stated before.

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    Hello all, it's been a long time, we've been heating mostly with wood and use the heater some. The heater pump fan works differently than before. The heating guys made it so that as soon as you switch on the thermostat, the outdoor fan immediately comes on and pumps warm heat into the house. You can tell it's electric heat, as it is not that low-temperature slow room heating like it was when we bought the house, go figure.... Cost has caused us to wait on having a company come out to fix this. We're near Renton, WA, suburbs of Seattle WA basically. I'd love to have a GOOD BRYANT repair-man recommendation. Thanks!

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