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    Maybe homeowner scraped them then called you to claim on insurance. How do you bill for a no cool call like that? I would of turned down that install also. They probably can not afford you.
    You need to put the phone down and get back to work!

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    I got a no cooling call for the pharmacy walk in box in a hospital. After tracing the line set and finding the rack room. Found that the compressor had been removed . Seems the day time engineer took the compressor to exchange for another one. Never bothered to tell any one that he was going to put a million dollars worth of drugs in peril....

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    Quote Originally Posted by GAacTech View Post
    I understand the aggravation of an old chase. If its a single story, go up the wall into soffit, if you must reuse the chase I have soldered new copper onto existing and pulled them through with my truck! It REALLY sucks, but a great sense of accomplishment.
    Yep...did that once, with the customer's John Deere riding mower, so as not to tear up the yard.....tied on new inside in the of us fed line, while another stood at the door and directed the HO on his mower.

    Worked great.

    I don't see any reason to "walk away" from that job....looks like munny to me....especially if it's an insurance job. I've never had any problem getting insurance companies to pay the going market rate for work.
    Technical incompetence is NOT a sales tool....

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    Quote Originally Posted by edward301 View Post
    That may be asking to much of the client.
    I have had the no cooling calls were the home owner never had a/c installed. they figured when they bought the house they said the new furnace was a/c ready and the thermostat said cool on it so they had a/c.

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    I think I will just start leaving a crack rock sitting on top of my unit so they will just take the rock and not my unit!

    Im like a mushroom, they keep me in the dark and feed me crap.

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