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Thread: lowest bidder

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    at least they put the control panel where you access it

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    Perfect fit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jnsrose View Post
    WTF,omg,lol!!!! They were just stored there right? Not actually working right? Come on, you are pulling my leg. We have a few accounts where the customer has other contractors(friends) do installs instead of us. Call us unit does not work. Wrong voltage,Never started unit,Tried to start with nitrogen still in it,forgot to open refer valves on condensing unit. All same customer ,different installs by same contractor. He gets what he deserves.
    Wow! Wow! I'm not sure who has the worst learning curve! The Customer or the Hacker!
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    Seems to me nobody is learning because they keep calling them back. On the roof the other day was a nice shiny new sanyo condenser sitting on two roof rails setting directly on a rubber roof. The rails were pitched about 20 degrees and they set the unit on the same angle. WTF. Unit does not run. I ask why did you not call them back he says they are installation not service. UGH!!
    You need to put the phone down and get back to work!

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    What about the rev. valve. i am not changing that out mam u need a new unit

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