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    Heat Pump

    Hello All,

    I wouyld kindly ask for your opinion. Just to double check the following...
    Water to water heat pump operates in heating mode. If heating source temperature is increased, more heat can be extraxted and consequently COP is increased. Do you agree?

    The same applies in cooling mode i.e. lower the heat sink temperature , EER is higher?


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    Yes, page 31 and 32 will give you the data you are looking for.
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    Yes that would be true. But how would you do that?

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    Yes and a heat pump basically works like air conditioning in reverse

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    Yes I agree because you will get a greater heat transfer due to the higher delta T, with presumably no change in the work input to the system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by huskyheatpumps View Post
    The Heat Pump is very simple once you understand the basic thought. As the name suggests a heat-pump transfers or pumps heat from one place to another.As an air-source heat pump can supply capable heating and cooling for your home, mainly if you live in a warm climate.
    Are you sure you are not the guy who asked the question?
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