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    I'd surely let the folks who's door you repaired know how he treated you over that and that you're no longer with him.
    Go RCR!

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    to those of you who think I just started this thread to vent ... well ... partly so.
    And it's better to come here and vent than it would be to vent at the new shop I'm with.

    And some here seem to think I have issues.

    Well... I do have issues!!!

    I take issue with anyone who will NOT live by "The Golden Rule" : "Treat others as you would have them treat you."

    As far as my assigning blame to others when I am the one responsible ... I'm not here to debate that with y'all. You are free, as always, to form your own opinions.
    Not many will subject themselves to public scrutiny like I am doing and stick around to hear y'all out.

    I can name fifty guys here who would NEVER consider admitting they make mistakes.
    Fifty who think their armpits dont stink!

    I am here to admit, confess, openly share with y'all that I have made mistakes, do make mistakes and I do admit when I am wrong.
    Now ... sometimes it may take me a minute or a month to REALISE I am in error .... but I do eventually come around.

    How a co-worker or manager approaches me to discuss that error is in direct proportion to just how long it's take take me to figure out I was wrong!

    Treat a guy like he's a mushroom and he will act like what you feed him.
    Treat a man like he's a nail and you'll find him responding in like manner.

    40K members here now, or there abouts .... it's nice if someone comes here and posts what is happening out there in the real world so others can both learn from it and be aware it goes on.

    Now I look at every tool I own and think about labeling, taking pictures and documenting everything. Just to prevent this next time.
    Also, I just went to work for another outfit. Even though I read the employee manual, there are still questions to be answered.

    I am going to ask my manager to have a letter writen me stating in black & white, just what his offer is to me and how the company plans to compensate me.
    The fed labor commission requires this already, so this shouldnt be out of line.

    Keep it simple
    Get it in writing
    Keep a copy for yourself


    And to those of you who only view life as "This life is all there is," I say this...

    There is so much more going on here than you even realise!
    That employer seizing my tools, withholding my due pay and making false accusations and threats ... it is just the tip of the icebereg to what is really at issue here.

    If that were not so, I would be the sorriest guy in the world for letting that guy withhold what he owes me.

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    i agree with you R12
    until you been down this road with an owner you can't under stand it most are horonable some are not

    but now i have officially retired from supermarkets

    now i am going to learn a new trade or go further my skills in it.. i did it when first got out of tech. school but wanted to be a refreman so bad that's what i went for made the full circle now and the money and hrs. are way better... 6.00 per hour more than any other commercial outfit even bother to offer me

    maybe you could take your skills to the next level and become the service advisor and just keep moving up from there

    we're not getting any younger

    once you think you've seen it all
    I would rather work for free than be look upon as a thief!!!!!

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    Hang in there R12, I feel your pain, as I too have had to deal with some employer's that shouldn't be doing HVAC.

    I get some gruff sometimes from people on this site also but, it ain't stopped me from posting here.

    Everybody has the right to there opinion on any topic, but until they have walked in your shoes maybe they shouldn't judge.

    May you have a great start in your new job. I recently got a good job with local company, and so far it's worked out ok. They even waited 3 weeks before they put me on-call..

    Have a great weekend....

    Fort Worth<<<<Aircooled>>>>
    'Life begins with the journey each day'

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    Well this brings up a couple of good points

    First, DO NOT surrender the keys until you've taken your stuff out. DO NOT agree to work until your wage has been agreed upon and sealed with a handshake. DO NOT continue to work beyond the first pay period if your pay is not completely as agreed upon. DO NOT work for a**holes - period!

    Here's what I would do. Contact your local state agency and file a labor grievance. Call up the a**hole and tell him you've done so and until you and he come to terms, every supplier, tech, and resource you know will be made aware of the situation. Depending on how the state can help, small claims may be your final option.

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    after several trips and phone calls/ faxes ... multiple sheets listing out what I own and what is yet seized by this guy ... I am slowly getting back what is mine ... in tools.
    The pay issue has not even been discussed.

    First my personal stuff ... then I hit him up for the money.

    last night, my step son went to pick up another partial load of my tools.
    The ex called him aside and asked; "Do you know what this is all about?"
    He replied, no.

    The guy showed him a water hose and a welding machine.
    He fumed a little over how I could spend so much for that stuff.

    The guy is like a little kid holding a grudge or something!

    Since he is yet holding my personal journal .. (diary), I just hope he reads it.
    It could do him a world of good. He's see there is a different way to view life than the way he presently does.

    you can lead a horse to water, but you cant make him drink.

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