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I'll agree to a point. The diff between a/c units is minimal especially your 'standard' models unless you start getting into the tinsel fin condensors. I handled Amana solely when part of Raytheon until they began being sold and cheapened.

I find far more differences in reliability and quality of heating equipment vs air conditioning.
Yes, the AC side is, for the most part, standardized. With furnaces, however, other than an Emerson control board, manufactures have a little more liberty to design and manufacture them as they see fit.

I will also concede that Goodman/Amana probably wouldn't win any best of the best competition.

I see it more of as a value based question.

You can have 95% of the functionality, at 30% of the cost. To go that extra 5%, you double or triple your cost and I cannot recommend that for your average user.

Corvette vs Ferrari.

Furthermore, Amana/Goodmans new 96% modulating furnaces are very nice and they are covered by an equally nice warranty.

The heat exchangers are warranted for the original owners lifetime and everything else is warranted for 10 years (non transferable). For a little extra, you can bump that up to a transferable 10 year parts and 10 year labor.

That is, however, just my two cents.