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No I don't say anything but I have had to straighten a lot of fins of the condensers because there own coil guards rub on the coils and there air handler doors screws come stripped out from the factory. Oh yeah and taking the top off a package unit to inspect the coil and it pretty much falls apart.

But if they ask me my opinion of goodman I am not going to tell them its a quality product.

The components are okay but they are made of the thinnest metal and just thrown together. I also don't know why you would want a unit that still has a piston MD. In our market you get a goodman because A thats what the builder used or B you want it done cheap.

There are plenty of Hvac companys that will do it cheap. But we take the time to do it right and make sure the duct system is right for the system and the equipment is the right size for the house

For people who cant afford a trane we offer ICP my only complaints with those is the coil guards rattle on the package units.
There was about a year where the louvers were too close to the coils and damaged the fins, but that has been resolved. I agree with the stripped out screws, but not a bad enough issue to hate the brand.

In my heat pump Frankensystem I am using a nominal 3.5 ton 13 SEER indoor Goodman coil with an Amana ECM blower section connected to a 14.5 SEER rated Luxair heat pump. It has been working really great for two years now, and I am still running it with a piston in the indoor coil. Go figure. Seems like some of us don't have the issues with brands that others have....