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    Quietside questions

    Hey everyone. Anyone ever install Quietside 9k or 12k 220v systems (split mini heat pumps) . Just did a job where I installed 4 of them.
    Tech supports told me they come charged with enough refrigerant for 25' of line set. None of my line sets were that long,
    and I couldn't find anything saying to remove refrigerant for every foot less than 25'. The systems work fine... but, my supplier
    claims you need at least 17' of line so the refrigeration can go through it's cycle properly. Quietside says that's not true.

    I don't plan on using Quietsides much... but, would like to know best practices if I do. Anyone have any experience with them?

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    if quietside gives the ok, and they are running fine then I would get paid and run as far away from them as you can, lol. I didn't know they made hp's, hopefully they support these better than any other product they se;;.

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