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    Carrier/Bryant/Payne hands on tear down with 26,000 furnace.

    We all got to do tear down training on the not so famous 26,000 furnace that Carrier/Bryant/Payne has been offering since about late 2016. Was an interesting learning experience. I bet we will start to see more and more of these gems out in the field.

    Carrier 59SC5A026S141208 PSC MOTOR 2 TON MAX A/C
    Carrier 59SP5A026E141210 ECM MOTOR 2.5 TON MAX A/C
    Bryant 915SA24026S14A-B PSC MOTOR 2 TON MAX A/C
    Bryant 925SA30026E14A-B ECM MOTOR 2.5 TON MAX A/C

    Basically it shares an identical footprint as the existing 40,000 BTU models and is built with the same core components. Cosmetically you cannot tell the difference. They use all identical parts including the heat exchangers, burners, orifices, controls, and inducers. So how do they drop the btu's from 40K to 26K?

    How they de-rate the furnace is actually quite unique:

    -3 hole inducer inlet choke plate instead of the 1-3/4" opening choke installed in the 40K models (same inducer part# however).
    -The use of a low capacity gas valve EF32CW215 instead of a standard capacity valve EF32CW213 on 40K models.
    -Outlet/manifold gas pressure reduced to 1.3" WC to 1.8" WC as opposed to 3.0" WC to 3.8" WC on 40K model.
    -1/3HP blower motor as opposed to 1/2HP motor used on 40K model. Less CFM for A/C.
    -A stand alone L/P conversion kit only to be used on the low capacity valves found exclusively on 26,000 models.
    -A lower pressure HK06NB032 pressure switch as opposed to the HK06NB012 used on 40K models. (maybe a cheat for the nuisance 31 trips on larger models...haha)
    -A different main limit S/W 220 deg. F on 26,000 models, 165 deg F. on 40K models.
    -A lower certified temperature rise rating 25-55 deg F on 26K and 40-70 deg F on 40K.

    The operation is very quiet compared to other models, as the low capacity gas valve seems to be slower opening so you do not get the explosion sound on light off. The smaller HP blower motor is also fitting for size of furnace as it is significantly quieter than the 40K and 60K offerings. I noticed the 26K 1/3HP motor is a grey GE / Genteq motor instead of the black Broad Ocean motor used on all other models. Per the notes I took during the class the overall vent length is the highest of any model I ever recall of 200 FT with 2" PVC and about 70 FT with 1-1/2" (which nobody uses). Inducer is 100% identical with exception to the inlet choke plate. If you buy the service inducer it will ship with both the 3 hole and 1-3/4" inlet chokes, as well as an outlet choke for those that have an equivilent vent length 10 FT or less.

    The parts list for the 26K and 40K are not very different, so should you ever make a sizing miscalculation, re-fitting new parts to make it into it the other model would not be very costly (safety ratings aside). No other models offer this much similarity.

    What is not impressive is that the factory limit switch value which opens at 220 deg F for the 26,000 models, allowed the primary HX panels to glow orange on their 90 degree rear side where they transition from the first pass to their second pass. A coil condensate pan would be in close proximity to this, and thus would make one heck of a smell when they start to melt. Not sure why the limit takes so long as blower failures / seizures are real life events. There also an abnormal heat pattern on all the newer primary heat exchangers where the 90 degree transition is located on the rear of the primary panels. However this will only be known in the future as they are not old enough to really notice if there will be any failures.

    The secondary heat exchangers look quite stout and robust. Stainless tube /and aluminum fin with good build quality from what I could see of it. They are still using some kind of fiberglass foil to seal the outlet panel of the primary, and this can really produce a foul burning smell in addition to the manufacturing oils for a short while after it is initially installed. The smell can be quite alarming.

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    Back up top for the guy that wanted a 32,000 btu furnace.

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