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    Modine Atherion Wiring diagram

    New here- I am looking for detailed information on Modine Atherion equipment for wiring.

    All their on site literature is sales based and their only technical guide even reads more like a sales brochure. The local rep seems disinclined to provide this detailed information to us.

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    where did the first post go i was going to answer you and it disappeared

    I think i can get you info on this give me a couple days.

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    acddc, if you find this I would like to get in contact with you. Thanks for the offer of help and understanding what information I need.

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    Chris... please clean up this thread for our new guest as not to hijack it from its original intentions.


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    I too am looking for wiring digrams for a modine atherian unit, specifically the low voltage connection. I need this for my control drawings so the contractor knows how to properly connect it.

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    If you are standing at the rear of the unit, open the compressor cabinet door and look on the left hand side. Please note that each Atherion unit is custom made so a generic wiring diagram is not available. I would recommend contacting your local Modine manufacturer rep for details.

    Here is a link to the Modine Commercial publication website. The installation and service manual has some information that may be helpful.

    There are a lot of photographs of the Atherion unit on this FaceBook Page 1&l=ba31f03c7b

    What is your issue?
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