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    upgrade CentraVac Chiller

    In $ how much shall I budget to upgrade CentraVac Chiller from UCP1 to Ch 531?

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    40 hrs should cover it but if you have not done it before it will take longer .The first one I did was when they first came out and it took about 60 hrs but the kits have improved a lot and there is no need to do a lot of sub assembly, you used to have to assemble everything. I"ve done about a dozen of them now on all types of chillers PCV,CVHB.CVHE&F star delta and soft start even put one on a carrier 19D .Once you have done a few it gets easier I can do one now in 30 hrs or so. The new automotive connectors also help cut down on install time.Graham Trane tech

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    I dont think we should talk about this on this forum email me @

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    Dont ask me about the $"s I"m just a tech.You bend em I"ll mend em. Thats my moto. No we should not discuss $ on this forum .Graham

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    Is your control transformer fed from phases A and B. This will generate a momentary power loss diagnostic.

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