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    if you are waiting to measure approach until you have full load then you are missing a lot of information.

    Example #1

    chiller is running at 50% RLA and the evaporator approach is at 1F...good or bad?

    if you can't judge it until the chiller is at full load then you are not giving a clear picture to the customer...btw...good...why? well, we know that approach temperatures go up with load. if the chiller is at 50% and 1F approach, then it will most likely be ok when it loads up to may get as high as 4-5F in this case.

    Example #2

    chiller is running at 50% RLA and the evaporator approach is at 5F...good or bad?

    since we know that the approach is going to go up when it loads up, then we know that this chiller is going to probably have a 8-10F approach at 100%...this is bad, however, we know this long before the chiller is at 100% and we can take action to prevent this.

    know how to read your approaches!
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    Will be a good post. To discus about the aproach. Due the aproach is defined by the machine design is not the same aproach for a 19xl , 19dh,dk , cvhe etc . From my stand point of view. If you don't have the design sheet of the chiller you only make asumptions .
    With new and old technology you can load manually to full load the machine , I don't know if any. General rule of the aproach. Under unload .
    If exist I would like to know where cand find that information.
    Thanks for share information

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    I approach that remark

    The evaporator approach will depend on the number of passes through the chiller barrel, the more times the water shoots through the tubes the lower the approach. Typical Trane PCV, CVHA were 2-3 pass evap with a 2 pass cond. If your condenser is clean your condenser approach should only be 2*-4*F, my guess would be fouled tubes with a 15*F condenser approach or as said before a rusted out division plate
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