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    Quote Originally Posted by KickedGinger View Post
    Whata ya mean BINGO?...I guessed it first (see post 2) I want my Bozo button right now!
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    I would have keep kept the Lennox and dumped the Yuck!

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    Remove old unit and set on roof,check. Set new unit and connect and do the start up,check. Load van,tie down ladder,check. Somehow I feel am forgetting something ????? Oh well. And do you really think they did a start up?

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    they left the door open to balance the wight or my for the lennox unit to get in when it need too lol:LOL

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    that reminds me of a call in Panama city Beach years ago at a resort. I went on a trouble call. The unit had no fins left on the coils, coils and all sheet metal rotted out (100 yards from the gulf) They wanted me to connect the "New Unit" There was no new unit. The maintenance guy took me to a pile of rust next to the unit needing replacement. They had purchased and set it on the roof 5 years earlier so that when it was needed it would be there. Nothing to protect it from the salt air. They did not like hearing they had no spare unit......just two rusting hulks, one of which had never been connected.

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    old unite left on roof ,or it's not set on a curb

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